Refrigerant Dehumidification

Carrier Rental Systems provide large capacity rental refrigerant dehumidifier systems. These packages are suitable for installations where a large amount of moisture removal is required.

Refrigerant Dehumidification

Refrigerant Dehumidification

These rental dehumidifiers are flexible in performance and are also very flexible in their method of installation. A large centralised rental chiller can provide low temperature cooling to several large evaporators positioned within the area to be dehumidified. This allows large volumes of air to be circulated throughout the area to facilitate product or structure drying or moisture control.

Applications are wide ranging, however the main focus with this type of equipment is on large areas or applications that require large volumes of conditioned air.

The Carrier Rental Systems de-humidification rental approach is totally client focused. We advise on system design, specify the most efficient equipment and provide a complete installation and support service during the rental period. Carrier Rental Systems’ wide-ranging experience in the provision of bespoke de-humidification packages is your guarantee of quality service and equipment.

Whether you require a rental dehumidifier to:

  • Provide critical condition control during manufacturing processes.
  • Install additional drying for maintenance applications.
  • Provide de-humidification to meet the demands of construction/refurbishment projects.
  • Mobilise effective rental de-humidification units at short notice to counter flood damage.
  • Provide large volumes of conditioned air for critical product storage.

Whatever your application, Carrier Rental Systems will provide an efficient reliable rental refrigerant dehumidifier with a complete service support package to match your specific requirement.

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